What can cause deportation?

Those of you from the Mahoning Valley may be following the tragic story and deportation of local businessman Amer “Al Adi” Othman.  Mr. Othman has been fighting the U.S. Government’s attempt to deport him for over two decades.  While Mr. Adi has never been convicted of a crime, if you are not a United States citizen you need to be aware that even a minor conviction can trigger deportation.

There are instances when non-citizens of the United States who are visiting or living lawfully on the U.S. may face deportation based upon criminal charges.  The law requires that courts notify individuals of the risk of deportation if convicted of a crime.  This is true of both felony and misdemeanor offenses.  While some minor misdemeanors are excluded, The Billak Law Office is currently challenging a no contest plea to an unclassified misdemeanor that resulted in merely a fine in 2007, but may trigger our client’s inability to re-enter the States after attending a wedding in his native country.  It is important to note that our client was and is here lawfully on a student Visa, but was not informed of the current consequences he faces if he chooses to attend his sister’s wedding.  If the court failed to previously provide proper notice at the time of a guilty or no contest plea, your lawyer may be able to successfully withdraw your prior plea and vacate your conviction if there are implications to your ability to remain in or return to the United States.