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You Need An Experienced Ohio Felony Drug Possession Defense Attorney

Getting charged with drug possession in Ohio is a serious matter that can have significant consequences on your life.

At Billak Law, attorney Damian Billak understands how the prosecution works. As a former prosecutor, he understands what is at stake and works to build a strategic defense that addresses the unique aspects of every case for his clients in Canfield and the surrounding area.

What Is A Felony Drug Possession Charge?

A felony drug possession charge in Ohio is a more serious offense compared to a misdemeanor, carrying harsher penalties and consequences. Ohio classifies felony drug possession charges into different degrees based on various factors such as the type and amount of drugs involved, prior criminal history and whether there was intent to distribute or sell the drugs.

Actions that can result in a felony drug possession charge include:

  • Possession of a large quantity of controlled substances.
  • Possession of drugs with the intent to distribute or sell.
  • Possession of drugs in close proximity to certain locations like schools, parks or churches.
  • Possession of drugs while possessing a firearm or other deadly weapon.
  • Prior convictions for drug offenses can also elevate a possession charge to a felony.

A felony drug possession charge requires immediate and strategic legal representation to protect your rights.

Potential Consequences Of A Felony Drug Possession Charge

The consequences of a felony drug possession charge in Ohio can be severe, ranging from fines to years in prison, depending on the degree of the charge. Other impacts include:

  • License suspension.
  • Permanent criminal record affecting employment and housing.
  • Deportation for noncitizens.
  • Loss of civil rights like voting and firearm ownership.

Billak Law will work tirelessly to build a robust defense tailored to your circumstances, striving to minimize the impact of the charges on your life.

The Felony Drug Possession Attorney You Choose Is Important

With more than 25 years of experience, lawyer Damian Billak offers unmatched dedication and a proven track record of success, guaranteeing comprehensive representation and effective defense strategies tailored to each case. Call 330-838-6172 or email to schedule your free consultation today.