Honest, Individualized And Vigorous Representation In The State Of Ohio

Honest, Individualized And Vigorous Representation In The State Of Ohio

If you are facing criminal or traffic charges and looking for answers, Damian Billak is the attorney you call.

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Client Focus Comes First

The team at Billak Law understands that the situation you may find yourself in is overwhelming, no matter if it’s a simple or complex case. The firm takes care of you by providing highly personalized service when it comes to operating a vehicle impaired (OVI), firearms, sexual offenses and more. Your case is handled personally by the firm founder, attorney Damian Billak, in and out of court, and he is available at your time and on your terms.

Criminal Law

Federal Criminal Defense

A grand jury indictment returned in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio creates a universe of problems that are quite distinct from those that people face in the state criminal justice system.

OVI/DUI Defense

Under most circumstances, driving under the influence (DUI) will be charged as a misdemeanor. If you were involved in an accident, however, you might be facing a felony charge in addition to your DUI arrest.

Drug Offenses

If you have been charged or implicated in a drug offense, whether it is a misdemeanor or felony under Ohio or federal law, you have rights. Mr. Billak is prepared and ready to defend you.

Firearm Offenses

Firearm laws in Ohio strictly govern the use, sale, distribution, importation and transportation of weapons and closely regulate citizens’ rights to own and carry. Because firearm laws change so frequently, both confusion and unnecessary arrests have increased exponentially. Attorney Billak can guide you.

Sex Offenses

Sex offenses are very serious crimes that come with severe consequences if you’re found guilty. Because the severity of sex offenses varies depending on the crime, Mr. Billak will assist you in the process and fight for you.

The Knowledge And Experience You Want On Your Side

Damian has a proven history of successfully defending his clients in a multitude of situations. He has knowledge of the courts on a local level and can represent you in a DUI case, but he is also equipped to take on a case that can go to the U.S. District Court. No matter the complexity or severity, this case is likely one of the most important things in your life, and his aim is to treat it with same seriousness.

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Attorney Damian Billak

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