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Passionately Protecting Your Future And Your Gun Rights

The state of Ohio takes gun-related criminal charges very seriously. If convicted, you stand to pay heavy fines, lose your gun privileges or even spend time in jail.

Billak Law defends clients in Canfield and the surrounding metro area who have been charged with offenses related to firearms. The firm’s attorney, Damian Billak, feels passionate about protecting your future, your freedom and your right to bear arms. With him on your side, he will do whatever he can to shield you from the consequences of a criminal conviction.

Gun Crime: What You Should Know

The Second and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution protect American citizens’ right to own firearms. However, there are numerous regulations surrounding gun ownership. If you run afoul of one of these regulations – even if you did not realize it – the consequences are severe. Further, using a gun to commit a crime can also result in criminal penalties.

The laws regarding firearms change frequently. You need an attorney like Damian who stays up to date with the ever-changing regulations and understands how they relate to your case.

You Need Defense Immediately For Distribution Charges

Lately, law enforcement officers have been cracking down on the illegal distribution of firearms. Many gun owners mistakenly believe that selling their weapons to acquaintances under the table is not a big deal. This action or another action involving the unlawful sale of a firearm is often a federal crime that can have long mandatory minimum sentences. It is crucial that you hire a lawyer if you face any accusation involving gun distribution, sale or trafficking.

Stand Up For Your Rights With An Attorney’s Help

You do not have to go up against the Ohio justice system on your own. Damian can help you. Reach out to him at the law office to request a free consultation. To begin, call 330-838-6172 or send him an email.