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Federal Criminal Defense From A Former Prosecutor

A grand jury indictment returned in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio creates a universe of problems that are quite distinct from those that people face in the state criminal justice system. The laws are different, the courts are different, the procedures are different, the sentencing is different and the prisons are different. It’s no longer a question of facing down a local prosecutor working with evidence obtained by a local police department or sheriff’s office. The evidence against you will likely be assembled by the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Homeland Security or any of the dozens of other federal agencies with national jurisdiction and vast resources.

Your expectations of your lawyer should be different as well. To mount a strong defense, it makes sense to work with an attorney who understands the federal system and who has a track record of success in federal criminal defense. The lawyer at Billak Law is on your side, and you will benefit from his experience and familiarity with federal prosecutions. Attorney Damian Billak has experience with federal criminal defense and can help you at every stage of the investigation and prosecution process, whether it be before indictment, immediately after an arrest or search, in pretrial motions, in plea negotiations, or at trial and, if necessary, sentencing.

The Firm’s Attorney Knows How To Win Federal Cases

Damian devotes his full attention to the extraordinary demands of a federal case. He can help with the following types of cases charged in federal courts:

Federal crimes often have mandatory minimum sentences. That means that if the court convicts you, you could have to spend several years in jail – even if your offense was not particularly severe. It is absolutely crucial that you have representation from a skilled attorney who will do everything possible to protect you from a harsh penalty.

Seek Defense Immediately For Federal Charges

Don’t make the mistake of facing this alone. To learn how the firm’s lawyer’s experience and commitment to client service can make the decisive difference in your federal case, contact the firm today. Request a free initial consultation by calling 330-838-6172 or using the firm’s online contact form.