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A Former Prosecutor To Defend You From Drug Charges

If you have been charged or implicated in a drug offense – either a misdemeanor or a felony under Ohio or federal law – the attorney at Billak Law will help you defend your rights. In most cases, mandatory prison time is applicable as well as the potential forfeiture of valuable property. Sentencing in these cases can reach decades in prison, depending on the type, quantity and weight of the drug involved.

It is in your best interests to hire the most experienced criminal lawyer you can afford. Damian Billak, the attorney at Billak Law, is a reliable lawyer who has successfully defended drug crime cases at the state and federal levels. He began his career in the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office and has focused on using that valuable perspective on state criminal defense cases ever since.

Attentive And Skilled Defense In All Drug Crimes

With a carefully limited caseload, Damian can commit the time necessary to make a comprehensive review of the case against you. He has represented state and federal defendants charged with conspiracy and distribution offenses involving drugs like cocaine and heroin, and he is committed to aggressively defending individuals charged with possession or cultivation of marijuana. He can assist in drug-related cases of all kinds, including:

As a reputable trial lawyer, Damian understands how the prosecution puts together its cases. He can often anticipate its moves and construct a proactive defense strategy. He is always ready for a trial if the district attorney’s office does not offer a plea bargain that is fair.

Speak With A Criminal Defense Lawyer In A Free Consultation

The firm’s lawyer has the strength, knowledge and skill to defend you when you need it the most. For a free consultation about his ability to protect your interests on serious drug crime charges, contact Billak Law today. Call the firm’s Canfield office at 330-838-6172 or send the firm an email today.