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Committed To Defending OVI/DUI Charges Throughout Ohio

Under most circumstances, driving under the influence will be charged as a misdemeanor. Fines, a short jail sentence and a suspension of your driver’s license are serious consequences but hardly life-changing. If you were involved in an accident, however, you might be facing a felony charge in addition to your arrest.

Whether you’re confronted with a first-offense operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) arrest a second or subsequent arrest or face the risk of prison for felony charges resulting from an OVI in Youngstown, Mahoning County or Northeast Ohio, Billak Law is the criminal defense law firm to represent you. The firm’s attorney, Damian Billak, is a seasoned defense trial attorney who defends his clients’ rights assertively.

Giving You Personalized Service And Full Attention

Damian’s success over the last 20 years allows him to limit his caseload to ensure personalized client service and a highly proactive approach for every client. In many cases, he can commit more time and attention than the prosecution can to the factual details that can make or break the case against you. His ability to investigate accident scenes and driver behavior with outstanding forensic support in drunk or drugged driving accident cases can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

Focused On Details And Thorough Preparation

The firm’s focus on details and thorough preparation can help assure you that your defense will reflect the best efforts of experienced and accomplished trial attorneys. They also emphasize close interaction with their clients so that you’ll feel confident about the quality of their advice when you need to decide between a plea offer and a trial defense. Nobody can make that decision for you but Damian at Billak Law is there to help you along the way.

Don’t Leave Your OVI To Chance

The worst mistake you could make is hoping that your case will resolve itself. Instead, take proactive measures by speaking with Damian. For more information about his ability to protect your interests in all cases related to OVI, contact him for a free consultation. You can request a free consultation by calling the firm’s Canfield office at 330-838-6172 or using their online contact form.